Being Subtly Weird

Hi, I am Shrinidhi Joshi. Words always confuse me and, yet they are so attractive. Its like love, isn’t it? Here, I specifically write about self-care, well-being, Fashion and Beauty. You may also find somehow my personal blogs if you’re interested. I’ve been always interested in writing so decided to share my thoughts with you. Feel free to follow me.

How To Choose The Correct Guru?

There is a huge ocean of knowledge right at your fingertips. The knowledge platform is becoming more and more saturated as we speak. Now, how will you decide from whom you want to learn?

Just Fantastic

“Positivity Bundle” you can share your body positivity journey with me and I can share some on my blog and Instagram if you would like that.


I’m available for new projects. Drop me a message, and let’s create something new. Charges and Prices can be discussed and fixed according to the project.